Killing two birds with one stone

Cooperative Learning in the English Language Classroom

Kursnummer: 19.02.05


This workshop will focus on a language learning approach that simultaneously fosters the development of social and interpersonal skills. Cooperative language learning (CLL) has been shown to benefit learning and learners on a number of levels: It can improve motivation for learning among students, foster collaborative learning, improves self-confidence and practices interpersonal skills (Oxford, 1997). This workshop will give insight into how CLL overlaps with the new LiLe curriculum and provide a roadmap for it ’s successful implementation in the English Language classroom. This non-frontal form of teaching is particularly well suited to team teaching with Assistants.


· Understand the principles of Cooperative Language Learning
· Experience a number of Kagan structures and reflect on their relevance
· Identify the social skills needed for team work.
· Integrate the principles to successfully implement cooperative learning
· Understand the importance of individual accountability in assessment


Kursleitung Renée von Memerty, MA in Teaching English to Young Learners
Zielgruppe Lehrpersonen Sekundarstufe, Sprachassistentinnen
Kursdauer 4,5 Stunden
Kursort Seminarraum Pflugstrasse 30, Vaduz
Kursdaten Montag, 09. September 2019, 18.30 Uhr bis 21.30 Uhr
Montag, 04. November 2019, 18.30 Uhr bis 21.30 Uhr
Max. Teilnehmeranzahl
Anmeldeschluss Mittwoch, 31. Juli 2019
Kursbeitrag 90 Fr. (nur externe Kursteilnehmer/innen)
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